Peanut & Fifi have a ball by Randall de Seve


Peanut has a ball.  
It’s brand-new.  
It’s bright blue…
And Fifi wants it too!

Will Peanut share?
Or will Fifi have a ball her own way?

A Daily Candy Kids' Favorite Spring Book

Eye-catching illustrations have a childlike charm and capture the unique personality of each little girl. This story offers a gentle lesson about sharing, sibling dynamics, and the power of imagination.
— *Starred Review, School Library Journal
With clever dialogue and stylish retro spreads....siblings may end up squabbling over this book.
— Publishers Weekly
Playful shapes and deft use of white space illustrate a fresh and funny tale about sharing. Humorous, realistic and cheerfully free of didacticism.
— Kirkus Reviews