For Educators

Dear Teachers and Librarians,

I'd love to visit your school! Here are some activities that can go with my books.

TOY BOAT:  Crafting toy boats with the same materials the little boy uses

THE DUCHESS OF WHIMSY:  Making fancy party invitations like the one on the book's           opening page

MATHILDA AND THE ORANGE BALLOON:  Using metaphors to describe ourselves, like Mathilda the sheep does

PEANUT & FIFI HAVE A BALL:  Studying different versions of the cover and designing our own

A FIRE TRUCK NAMED RED:  Discussing: Can something old ever be better than new?   

Interviewing an older person, then drawing his/her story in sepia tone, to match Papa's stories in the book.


  • Looking at the process of making a picture book, from inspiration to publication
  • Reading and writing book reviews
  • Sharing some of my favorite picture books

I'd also be happy to work with you on a plan that's just right for your students.

Please contact me by email to discuss arrangements.

Hope to see you soon--