For Educators

Dear Educator,

I'd love to visit your school, library or bookstore! In addition to reading my stories to children, we can also have fun with the following book-based activities and discussions:

TOY BOAT:  What can you make with “a can, a cork, a yellow pencil and some white cloth?” These are the materials the little boy in the book uses to make his beloved toy boat and children can use to craft their own creations.

THE DUCHESS OF WHIMSY: This book opens with an invitation, asking readers to attend the Duchess’ soiree. Children will design their own whimsical party invitations, or responses to the Duchess!  

MATHILDA AND THE ORANGE BALLOON:  “Orange balloon…That’s me!” says Mathilda the sheep, who then goes on to prove it. Children will be asked: What are you? Then they’ll make imaginative and thought provoking self-portraits with words and images.

PEANUT & FIFI HAVE A BALL:  It took many tries to get this book cover right! Children will look at different versions of the cover then design their own, for this story or another favorite.

A FIRE TRUCK NAMED RED:  Can something old, like RED, ever be “better than new?” What (or who) gets better with age? Drawings go along with this important conversation.

ZOLA’S ELEPHANT: What’s in Zola’s big box? What’s in my tiny box? What’s in yours? This project involves a bit of sculpting and a lot of imagination!

And if some general book-talk is what you’re after, your children and I can discuss:

  • The process of making a picture book, from inspiration to publication

  • How to write an effective picture book review

  • Some of my favorite picture books and why I love them

Or, you and I can work together on a plan that's just right for your group.

Please contact me by email to discuss arrangements.

Hope to see you soon!